Invisible love and beauty - 無形的愛與美

New Performance by Chin Chih Yang November 9, 2013 3:30 pm - 4 pm

Queens Museum of Art Reopening

1000 years ago, calligraphy was common: a communicative tool to mediate between person and person; and calligraphic lettering was itself as beautiful as art.

Enter humanity in the 21st Century. Technologies for communication are filtered through corporate globalization. Cell phones, for instance, have become important communication tools—both for individual convenience, and for profit. But I am not sure whether these technologies are good or bad for our collective lives, which we must necessarily realize through interpersonal relations. So it’s very interesting for me to try to use both technologies—ancient calligraphy, as well as techniques derived from the digital age—simultaneously, to see what emerges from their combination, and to see how the integrity of each stands alongside that of the other.