Gordian Knots

"Gordian Konts" was a moving video projection/installation presented between 2006-2007. It utilized all of Manhattan as exhibition area, including UN, Communist Chinese Embassy, Taipei Cultural Center, MoMa, Rockefeller Center, etc. With a projector on a truck, I projected the image of a Christmas tree decorated with flags of various countries - including that of an independent Taiwan - unto the various buildings. These images were see by approximately more than 500,000 people.

In Gordian Knots Chin Chih attempts to express the twisted relationships between nation states involved in the conflict between Communist China and Taiwan fueled by Taiwan's desire for independence. For this piece, he tied over 2300 flags into knots using an ancient Asian technique. Christmas tree lights are intertwined in the flags and the Gordian Knot has assumed the shape of a Christmas Tree. This piece functions both as a Christmas decorations and also a challenge to the strong emotions surrounding flags. It is a reflection of human relations, inevitably marked by mutual dependence and conflict.

It is customary to fly the national flag outside the buildings of consular offices. That is not the case at the Taipei Cultural Center. Only upon entering, can one see the flag raised high in the lobby. There, a white sun superimposed on a big blue sky and the red earth (the design of the ROC flag) hangs from the ceiling. Chin Chih Yang's attempt to comment on this situation was deemed too controversial to be displayed at the Taipei Cultural Center

Thus the exhibition "Beyond Measure" itself functions as a challenge to cherished American freedoms - both the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. This left Chin Chih with the only alternative available, namely to project the image on the outside of this and other buildings from a truck.

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