The Use and Abuse of Technology in the Arts

Technology is neutral in itself, but can be utilized to realize a certain type of aesthetic presentation that develops a message, while at the same time critiquing technology’s role in the communication of cultural messages to an audience. Using his own work as an example, Chin Chih Yang will show how art-works can avoid the traps of pure technological formalism, and realize the interactive potential of technology in the arts.

Too often, it seems, artists use technology in a way that makes works mute, indifferent to human communication. In contrast with this kind of art, my work instances how technology can be used to further interactive communication, while at the same time indicating the potentials dangers (such as alienation) specific to mediated communication. I discussed several of my projects to broach how artists use technology to present their art works: both positive and negative examples. The talk emphasized how some artists let technology overshadow their art, and also pose an alternative to this form of practice, showing how technology can be an essential tool when subordinated to aesthetic concerns. I talked about projects that involve emerging technology, such as roving handheld video projectors. Such technology realizes a certain type of aesthetic presentation which can be used to comment on the nature of technology itself relative to the human role of art-making.

2012 "Building a Future Human", The Armory Week, Harvestworks Foundation, NYC

2012 "Building a Future Human (Bodies)" - TOMORROW STARS at Verge Art, NYC

2012 Demonstration, Computer Art Graduate Studies, School of Visual Art, NYC

Chin Chih Yang is a 2011 Year of Fellowship Award Artist Fellowship recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). This presentation is co‐sponsored by Artists & Audiences Exchange, a NYFA public program, funded with leadership support from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA).